Indie rock with elements of folk, country and jazz.   Driven by the soul-rending words and music of Jonathan Oakfield, Whitetails weaves groovy storytelling with sonic, moving melody. With songs that grab you and stick in your memory, their work is both nostalgic and new all at once. Born in 2019, Whitetails builds harmony and musical flow into their work, carrying listeners along for the ride. 

Oakfield brings a long history and deep bag of tricks to the table. More than 25 years of life in bands, including Chylde, White Bison, and most recently, Black Canyon Lights, have cemented in Oakfield the conviction that music is his life. A singer, songwriter, and player of multiple instruments, he pairs melodies with lyrics that have both meaning and staying power. From the stages at South-by-Southwest to the working class beer halls in his hometown of Buffalo, NY, Oakfield and Whitetails are earning their own place in the musical universe.


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